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About Us

A Perfume is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion. Perfumery is the best imitation of the vibrancy and subtlety of nature's evolution. You are never fully dressed without perfume


The best thing about the fragrance is that it brings back the memories, it’s a path to re-live a moment or to escape from the reality to your imaginary world.


People don’t really know that they use fragrance 10-12 times a day, they start their day with shower using shampoo and the soap which have their own fragrance, then shave with their shaving cream which has its own fragrance, then apply lotion, oil their hair, apply deodorants so in all these process they are covering their body with the certain level of the fragrance, that’s why it is said that you are not fully dressed without perfume.


History of fragrance and its affect on the civilization


The word perfume is originally derived from the Latin word per fume which means “through smoke”. It basically refers to the original process or use of fragrance which was the burning of the herbs for the religious offering to the gods and the high rank people.


Smell is the most primitive and least understood scent and the perfume manipulate that scent. Going back in the history we will find that the Egyptian’s were the first of all to use the perfume or if we say they invented the most beautiful luxury of the life, then it wont be wrong. But in that time, the perfume was a super luxury only available for the high society people who use to utilize the scents and adore their aromas mostly everywhere and every time.


Recently a team of archaeologists found a perfume factory with carbon dating from 2000 BC in Cyprus. After the careful study they found, that factory was specialized in production of scents including coriander, laurel, myrtle, lavender and rosemary.


Perfume or the fragrance has clearly left his impact through out the human civilization. In 10th century BC, the Medes were given the credit of inventing this luxury. In starting the perfume was used to hide the certain smells, smells originated from failure of any experiment or overheating of certain things.


While in 1580 – 1085 BC, Egyptians started to produce the perfume for the daily consumers. But their daily customers were the high society people not the common people. It is found that Paris was responsible to connecting the perfume with the common people.


While going more deep into the history as per the Cuneiform tablet, the first recorded chemist was named Tapputi who was a perfume maker.


Perfume was an integral part of the different culture around the globe, starting from Mesopotamia to India then with Cyprus then showing its essence in the Islamic culture then in France after that in western culture.


In the Islamic culture, the perfume was documented way back in 6th century where Muhammad said that “ The taking of the bath on the Friday is compulsory for the every male, Muslim who has attended the age of puberty and the cleaning of his teeth with Miswaak, and the using of perfume if it is available. (recorded in Sahih Bukhari)


In 1190 the commercialization of the perfume began and in Paris, this luxury was available for almost everyone.


About Riviera :


Riviera Perfume is crafted through an inspirational journey of souls indulged in the aura of perfume creation over decade.


A brand inspired from the scenic French coastline, Riviera Perfums are like the beautiful waves along the shoreline that inspires our never ending love, passion & Zeal towards the scents and drive us to create out moto “Scents to live for…”


Riviera parfums originated from Europe is a perfect way to express the luxurious & Elegant style of living. Riviera - A beautiful coastline as inspires our inner persona to live life at large. The cherished shorelines waves you are in love blended with our unique fragrances which are created  from  the  finest  & foremost fragrance companies from around the globe. We believe in creating fragrances which inspires to be a step ahead of ALL and achieve the impossible.


Riviera Parfums would initially launch having a Occidental range of collections having EDP's, Body Deodorants, Gift sets  for  both Home  &  Femme  which  collaborates  with  International inspirations. The collection meant to be more focused on Exceptional Quality & Elegant Fragrance for all class


Riviera parfums will be reaching you through GCC, South East Asia & Europe through wide range of our Distribution networks.


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